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Killarney Park Campsite Reports

Killarney Park Campsite Pictures and Information

In 2021 Ontario Parks announced that Killarney Provincial Park would move to a campsite-specific reservation system. Previously, campers would reserve a lake, not a specific campsite, and campsites would be first-come-first-serve when arriving on the lake. With the new changes, campers will reserve a specific campsite on a specific lake.

These Killarney Campsite Reports provide pictures and information for campsites in Killarney Park to help you plan your backcountry canoe trip. Unlike my Algonquin Park Campsite Reports, which are compiled solely from my own first-hand experiences, these Killarney Campsite Reports are a cumulative community effort. 

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Please, please, please, pretty please respect your campsite. The past few years during COVID has seen a big increase in demand for camping, and as a result many campsites are left in poor conditions. Follow “Leave No Trace”; don’t cut down live trees, don’t mark or damage any trees, put out your fire before you leave your site, don’t leave any food or garbage in the fire pit or anywhere at the site, pack out everything that you pack in, etc. The site should look exactly the same, if not better, than when you arrived. The only thing that should be left behind when you leave a campsite is firewood for the next campers, if you’re able. Please do your part in helping to preserve this beautiful park of ours for future campers and future generations!

Lake in Killarney ParkCampsite NumberCamped vs. Visited
Balsam LakeCampsite #156Camped
Boundary LakeCampsite #325Camped
David LakeCampsite #193Camped
Gail LakeCampsite #244Camped
Grace LakeCampsite #202Visited
Grace LakeCampsite #203Camped
Killarney LakeCampsite #19Camped
Nellie LakeCampsite #204Visited
Nellie LakeCampsite #205Visited
Nellie LakeCampsite #206Camped
OSA LakeCampsite #64Camped
Sandy LakeCampsite #41Camped

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