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The Sleeping Pad Comparison Table is the ultimate tool for comparing sleeping pads for camping and hiking. The table includes key specs from companies that use the new ASTM rating. Plus, read the in-depth Sleeping Pad Buying Guide to learn more.
I’ve finally decided to monetize Algonquin & Beyond with a membership-based model. You’re probably thinking “who is this guy and why should I give him my money?” That’s a very fair question. Before you get out the pitchforks, give me a chance to explain.
There’s something about being alone in nature that’s so incredibly peaceful. I often get asked why I enjoy solo tripping and words like ‘healing’, ‘peaceful’, ‘relaxing’, and ‘rewarding’ are usually part of my answer. But there’s no denying that solo canoe trips take a lot more planning.
There are plenty of reasons to purchase a canoe, but this article is going to focus on renting canoes in Algonquin Park. What type of canoes can you rent? Where can you rent them from? How much will it cost? We'll answer all of those questions plus more, just keep on reading.
Algonquin Park is arguably the most popular provincial park in Ontario, and there’s no shortage of areas to explore within the park. You can spend decades camping in Algonquin Park and still find somewhere new to explore.
Bears. Beets. Backcountry. Ok, maybe that’s not how the famous quote goes, but let’s talk about bears in Algonquin Park. The first thing I want to mention is that Algonquin Park is massive. Like, really big. So yes there are plenty of bears in the park, but the odds of actually seeing one are incredibly low.
Camping. Tripping. Canoe Tripping. Whatever you prefer to call it, getting outside and exploring Algonquin Park is a beautiful thing. But you need to make sure you’re prepared for your trip, and you should know some basic do’s and don'ts of canoe tripping in Algonquin Park.
Whether this is your first time booking a trip in Algonquin Park, or your’e a seasoned canoe tripper, you’ve definitely heard people say “make sure you hang your food at your campsite.” While most people do hang their food, few people know how to do it properly. We’re going to look at why you should hang your food in Algonquin Park.

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