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A few years ago I decided to open my campsite report database to include “Guest Submission” reports. There have been 80+ Guest Submission campsite reports so far. Now that I’ve added a Membership aspect to Algonquin & Beyond, I’m going to use that revenue to begin providing compensation for all new Guest Submission campsite reports. Let’s continue to grow the database and get you paid! So, beginning February 2024…

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1 Report = $10

Eg. Total After 1 Report = $10

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Every 5th Report = $25

Eg. Total After 5 Reports = $65

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Every 10th Report = $50

Eg. Total After 10 Reports = $155

Important Info — Please Read!

1. Reports do not need to be provided all at one time. I will be keeping track of submissions in a spreadsheet. For example, the “Every 5th Report” and “Every 10th Report” bonuses can be accumulated over a period of time.

2. Submissions must fit the “Submission Instructions” criteria below to be eligible.

3. Submissions must be for new campsites that aren’t already documented (see here for existing reports for Algonquin Park, and see here for existing reports for Killarney Park). An exception can be made if there is a significant enough change that warrants a new report.

4. Only backcountry campsites are eligible. This includes both hiking and canoeing backcountry campsites.

5. You’re welcome to submit reports from previous years. Anything from the year 2020 onwards will be eligible. If you have reports you’d like to submit from before 2020, please contact me.

6. Payment will be made via e-transfer to the email used when submitting the report. If you prefer that the e-transfer is sent to a different email, please contact me in advance.

Submission Instructions

Campsite Number: Please reference the numbering system from my Campsite Reports or Algonquin Adventure’s PCI Reports. If you’re submitting a report for a lake that doesn’t already have a numbering system, please let me know. For Killarney, please use the campsite numbers shown on this map.

Description of Campsite: Give a detailed description of the campsite (200 to 500 words required). Include information about the canoe landing, terrain, tent spots, fire pit and seating, and any other notable views or features. If you are unsure what to write about, you can reference my existing Campsite Reports.

Campsite Pictures: Submit clear, high-quality photos of the campsite (5 to 10 photos required). The best type of pictures to include are: i) canoe landing, ii) tent spots, iii) fire pit and seating area, iv) wide shots of the interior, v) view of the campsite from the water, vi) any other notable features of the campsite.

*For multiple submissions, please fill out the form once for each campsite.

Before submitting, please confirm the requirements listed above are met (eg. 200 to 500 words, 5 to 10 photos)

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