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Welcome Lake – Campsite #1

This campsite seems to be the popular choice on Welcome Lake. It’s got a massive beachfront with a large chunk of elevated rock at the campsite end of the beach (with an epic lounging rock chair). A quick walk through the forest takes you to another massive beach just southeast of the site. A short trail from the primary beach leads up to the main campsite area, which is relatively small and pretty simple. There’s one large exposed tent area beside the fire pit and one or two more, smaller spots even closer to the fire pit. There isn’t much seating around the very average fire pit, but if you’re travelling with camping chairs this isn’t a big deal. There was plenty of wood surrounding the site, and the thunder box was a short walk away. If you like beach, open rock, and sunset views, this is an epic site. But if you like shelter, multiple tent spots, and spacious interiors, this may not be your favourite.

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Map of Welcome Lake campsites
Map of campsites
View of campsite #1 from the water on Welcome Lake
View from water
View down the beach on campsite #1 on Welcome Lake in Algonquin
Large beachfront
Large beachfront on Welcome Lake in Algonquin Park
Large beachfront
Fire pit on Welcome Lake campsite #1
Fire pit
Interior of campsite #1 on Welcome Lake
Interior of site
Looking into campsite #1 on Welcome Lake in Algonquin
Interior of site
Tent spot beside the fire pit on Welcome Lake
Tent spot
Large exposed tent spot on campsite #1 on Welcome Lake
Tent spot
Trail from campsite to the beach on Welcome Lake
Path to site

* Images and information taken August 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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