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Sproule Lake – Campsite #1

This is the first site as you enter Sproule Lake from Sunday Lake. It’s definitely the least appealing site on the lake, and it is a pretty disappointing site in general. There’s a poorly built fire pit with no seating, a canoe landing with mediocre accessibility, and one main tent spot. To its benefit, the tent spot is rather large and flat, but that’s the only redeeming quality of this site. It doesn’t offer any particularly nice views, and the campsite is overall very small, unaesthetic, and just generally uninviting.

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Map of Sproule Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Sproule Lake Campsite #1 view from the water
View from the water
Sproule Lake Campsite #1 fire pit and no seating
Fire pit and lack of seating
Sproule Lake Campsite #1 interior of the campsite
Interior of campsite
Sproule Lake Campsite #1 flat tent spot
Large tent spot
Sproule Lake Campsite #1 canoe landing
Canoe landing

* Images and information taken September 2018

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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