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Ragged Lake – Campsite #13

This campsite is like Campsite #10 on Ragged Lake if it were just a tiny bit better. The canoe landing area is larger with more flat ground to unload, but there’s still a steep incline to the main campsite area. The site has lots of slopes with rugged terrain, but at least the tent spots are better. The fire pit is also slightly better built and there’s at least some seating beside it. It’s still a pretty unappealing site compared to other choices on the lake, but on the plus side it’s at least better than the nearby Campsite #10!

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Map of campsites on Ragged Lake in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
View of campsite #13 on Ragged Lake from the water
View from water
Fire pit and seating area on Ragged Lake campsite #13
Fire pit and seating
Interior of campsite #13 on Ragged Lake in Algonquin Park
Interior of site
Small tent spot with small rocks surrounding it on Ragged Lake campsite #13
Tent spot
Flat ground to pitch a tent on Ragged Lake campsite #13
Tent spot
Sloped tent spot on Ragged Lake campsite #13
Tent spot
Rocky incline from the canoe landing to the main campsite on Ragged Lake campsite #13
Incline to site
Inaccessible canoe landing on Ragged Lake campsite #13 in Algonquin Park
Canoe landing

* Images and information taken October 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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