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Misty Lake – Campsite #6

Even though I hadn’t seen pictures of this campsite prior to my trip, I had heard it was nice so it was the campsite I was hoping to camp on. It’s a large spacious site on the north side of the large island, in the north end of Misty Lake. The proper landing is on the north side, although the rocky beach on the west end can be confused for the landing at first. The proper beach landing is extremely accessible and provides an easy way to load and unload your boat. Inside the campsite there’s a decently built fire pit with adequate seating, with several flat tenting options scattered around. On the north side of the site, it slopes up to a cliff face that offers great sunset views, and on the west side of the site, it slopes down to a rocky beach shoreline. There was an insane amount of moose poop that I had to be very careful not to accidentally step in. Even though I didn’t see a moose that night, they obviously visit this site very frequently. This site has a lot to offer and there aren’t many downsides; if you’re camping on Misty and it’s available, I’d take it.

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Map of Misty Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Top of cliff area on campsite #6 on Misty Lake
Top of cliff area
Looking down the cliffs toward the water on Misty Lake
Looking down the cliffs
Trail down to rocky beach on west side of island campsite on Misty Lake
Trail to rocky shore, west side
Rocky beach looking down Misty Lake facing south
Rocky shore and view south
Rocky landing on the west side of the island campsite on Misty Lake
Rocky shore, west side of island
My green tent pitched on Misty Lake island campsite #6
My tent spot
Fire pit and seating area with pitched tent in the background on Misty Lake
Fire pit and seating
Looking into the site on the north of the large island on Misty Lake
Interior of campsite
Looking into the campsite on Misty Lake large island north site
Interior of campsite
Large tent option on campsite #6 on Misty Lake
Tent spot
Large tent spot on campsite #6 on Misty Lake
Tent spot
Beach landing on north side of campsite #6 on Misty Lake
Beach landing on north of island

* Images and information taken September 2019

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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