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Little Otterslide Lake – Campsite #4 - 2020

This was my second time camping at this site – the first time was during my first solo night in the park. I knew this site would offer the shelter that I needed from a brutal day of wind and rain. It’s got a few level tent spots, a big fire pit and seating area, and a surprisingly cozy feeling for a site that isn’t so flashy or glamorous. There were two squirrels who were WAY too curious though. I couldn’t leave my food or gear unattended for more than a few seconds without them attacking it. They’ve probably been fed by humans too many times. Don’t feed the wildlife! Even if it’s just squirrels. That was the only annoying thing about the site.

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Map of Little Otterslide Lake Campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Interior of Little Otterslide Lake with tent, fire pit, seating, and tarp in view
Interior of site
Interior of campsite 4 on Little Otterslide Lake in Algonquin Park
Interior of site
Fire pit and seating area on Little Otterslide Lake campsite with tent in the distance
Fire pit and seating
Green Eureka Suma 2 tent on Otterslide Lake campsite in Algonquin Park
Tent spot
Tent spot sheltered among the trees on Little Otterslide Lake campsite 4
Tent spot
Large tent spot area on Little Otterslide Lake campsite
Tent spot
Canoe landing on Little Otterslide Lake campsite 4 in Algonquin Park
Canoe landing

* Images and information taken September 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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