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Lake Louisa – Campsite #19

From the water, this site looks pretty unappealing with a not-so-great canoe landing and large incline up to the main site. But as I spent some time at the site, my opinion quickly changed. It’s got a large chunk of rock that’s great for swimming, which also faces west for the afternoon sun and sunset views. It’s got unique split-log seating in front of the fire pit, with a flat rock kitchen table off to the side. And it’s got some large, flat tent spots throughout the spacious interior of the site. If you don’t mind the minor inconvenience of unloading your gear on the sloped rock and carrying it up to the main area, then this site might be a hidden gem available when the other good sites on Louisa are already taken.

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Map of Lake Louisa campsites
Map of campsites
View of campsite #19 on Lake Louisa from the water
View from the water
Interior of campsite #19 on Lake Louisa in Algonquin
Fire pit and seating
Fire pit and seating area for Lake Louisa campsite #19
Fire pit and seating
Flat rock kitchen table on Lake Louisa campsite #19
Flat rock table
Looking into the main area of campsite #19 on Lake Louisa
Interior of site
Back of campsite #19 on Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park
Back of site
Tent spot area on Lake Louisa campsite #19 in Algonquin
Tent spot
Rocky canoe landing on Lake Louisa campsite #19
Canoe landing
Rocky shoreline of Lake Louisa campsite #19 in Algonquin
Rocky shoreline
View out onto the water from campsite #19 on Lake Louisa in Algonquin
View onto water

* Images and information taken August 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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