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Byers Lake – Campsite #2

This is the southern of the two sites on Byers Lake in Algonquin Park. It’s a very basic site without any flashy features. It has a rudimentary fire pit with flat ground for a tent directly beside it. A few metres back is another patch of flat ground for another tent, offering a bit more shelter and a layer of pine on the ground. That’s pretty much the extent of the campsite; if you have the choice between this site and Campsite #1, you’ll always choose the latter. But this site would suffice for a small group, if need be.

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Map of Byers Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Byers Lake campsite #2 view of campsite from the water
View from water
Byers Lake campsite #2 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Byers Lake campsite #2 interior of campsite
Interior of site
Byers Lake campsite #2 tent spot area
Tent spot

* Images and information taken October 2017

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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