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Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

Using the Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

Search: The search function will search the entire table. For example, if you search “big agnes 4.3” it will show you all Big Agnes sleeping pads with an R-Value of 4.3. The search function is case specific but not case sensitive.

Sort: Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Filter: Filter criteria stack as each additional filter is added. The “Min” or “Max” can be used together, or individually. If “Filter Brand” is used before “Filter Model”, only the respective Models will appear based on the Brands selected.

Search, Sort, and Filter can be used together simultaneously.


R = Rectangle
RD = Rectangle Double
RT = Rectangle Triple
M = Mummy
MD = Mummy Double
T = Tapered
TD = Tapered Double
C = Custom

CCF = Closed Cell Foam
SI = Self Inflating
AI = Air Inflation

Pump (Included)
Y = Yes
N = No


i) All information, including pricing, was taken from each company website (December 2022). Errors or discrepancies may be possible. For the most accurate up-to-date information, visit each company website. If you notice any errors, you can also email me.
ii) Imperial and Metric are converted using standard formulas; this may cause minor discrepancies with info found on the companies’ websites.
iii) I have no affiliation with any of the companies included in the table.
iv) Some companies include a “minimum weight” or “trail weight” in their specs. The weight used in the table below is the “total weight”.
v) Remember that specs alone don’t tell the full story. There are many other factors to consider (baffle type, inflation method, comfort, etc.)
vi) The companies chosen for the table are the ones that use the new ASTM rating method.

Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

Sleeping Pad Comparison Table

At the moment, filtering only works with Imperial data

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