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Sandy Lake in Killarney – Campsite #41

My visit to Sandy Lake was an interesting one. My group and I followed very large, very fresh bear tracks on the 1.1km leading into the lake, so we were on high alert during our stay. We went deep into the forest behind the campsite to hang out food (see bear hang picture below). The campsite itself was a bit underwhelming. The canoe landing wasn’t the greatest and aside from the fire pit and seating (which were pretty decent) there wasn’t anything noteworthy about the site. If you walked maybe 20-30m away there was a small chunk of rock by the water to sit and enjoy some sun or late night stars, but otherwise the campsite is mostly sheltered and inland. The biggest redeeming quality however is the spectacular view out onto the water towards the mountainous north shorelines.

*This campsite is #10 on the old numbering system (see image below)

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* Images and information taken July 2014

* Credit goes to Killarney Map v2.0 from Jeff’s Map at, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Any copies must use the same license and include attribution.

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