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OSA Lake in Killarney – Campsite #64

This is one of two island campsites on the popular OSA Lake in Killarney. The other island campsite is on a larger island so it has a bit less of an ‘island feel’ to it, whereas this campsite is on a very small island that you can walk from one end to the other in just a few seconds. The back of the island offers a gorgeous view towards the other tiny smaller islands just to the east, and the north side of the island offers another beautiful view to the opposing mountainous shoreline. There’s smooth sloping rock at the front of the campsite (west end of the island) to land the canoe. Within the actual campsite there is a decent fire pit area and a few places to pitch a tent. The normal thunder box is replaced with an outhouse thunder box… personally, I’m not a fan. But possibly the most beautiful thing about this campsite is the narrow channel of shallow sky-blue water separating the campsite from the nearby shoreline. This is a great campsite, you just need to be lucky to actually snag a reservation.

*This campsite is #32 on the old numbering system (see image below)

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* Images and information taken August 2015

* Credit goes to Killarney Map v2.0 from Jeff’s Map at, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Any copies must use the same license and include attribution.

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