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Nellie Lake in Killarney – Campsite #205

This is about as good as a campsite can get. It has a flat, easily accessible canoe landing just off to the side. The main campsite has a good amount of tree coverage, providing shelter from the elements and making it easy to pitch a tarp if needed. The front of the campsite has a big chunk of rock overlooking the crystal clear waters of Nellie Lake with a stunning view towards the southern shoreline. There are plenty of flat tent spots to choose from, and some exploring that can be done behind the campsite. The fire pit also has some decent benches beside it, which surprisingly isn’t common for this area of the park. The campsite has everything you need, while looking pretty at the same time. It’s also tucked away just beside the shoreline to the west, meaning the campsite is completely protected from any western winds.

*This campsite is #143 on the old numbering system (see image below)

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* Images and information taken August 2019

* Credit goes to Killarney Map v2.0 from Jeff’s Map at, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Any copies must use the same license and include attribution.

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