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Boundary Lake in Killarney – Campsite #325

The lone canoeing campsite on Boundary Lake feels more like a campsite you’d find in Algonquin Park. It doesn’t have the typical quartzite shoreline and views of quartzite mountains that you find in other Killarney sites, but it’s still a great site nonetheless. It has some exposed shoreline with a decent fire pit. Behind the fire pit is a large, flat open area capable of pitching several tents, with spaced out trees ideal for setting up tarps or hammocks. The real treat of this campsite is its seclusion; there’s only one other campsite on the lake but it’s a hike-in campsite and it’s very far away around the bend. This campsite also offers easy access to hike Silver Peak, making it a popular campsite to stay at for two nights so the hike can be done on the rest day.

*This campsite is #110 on the old numbering system (see image below)

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* Images and information taken July 2014

* Credit goes to Killarney Map v2.0 from Jeff’s Map at, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Any copies must use the same license and include attribution.

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