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Balsam Lake in Killarney – Campsite #156

This campsite shares an island with Campsite #155. The other campsite was occupied when I stayed at this campsite but we didn’t hear them the whole time, so unless the other group is noisy it shouldn’t be an issue. This campsite is quite large with a ton of exposed rock to enjoy the weather and stargaze. It wouldn’t be ideal in poor weather conditions since there are very limited tarping options near the fire pit, but in good weather it offers beautiful views of both the sunrise and the sunset. It’s not the best campsite for swimming so if that’s a priority you may want to look for something else. Though from what I recall, most campsites on Balsam Lake wouldn’t be ideal swimming campsites. This campsite also comes with a pre-installed wooden beam to set up a bear hang.

*This campsite is #117 on the old numbering system (see image below)

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* Images and information taken July 2014

* Credit goes to Killarney Map v2.0 from Jeff’s Map at, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Any copies must use the same license and include attribution.

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