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Radiant Lake – Campsite #4

This Campsite Report is a Guest Submission. The description and images are not my own so I cannot personally verify its accuracy. If you notice any errors, please let me know. If you want to submit your own Campsite Report, visit the submission page.

This campsite on Radiant Lake is one of my personal favorites. If you’re in search of a beach campsite, this particular spot is ideal for you and it will surpass your expectations, provided it’s available. As you walk into the water, the beach gradually deepens, reaching waist height after a considerable distance. There are multiple options for tent camping at this location. Apart from pitching a tent on the beach area, there are also tent pads situated on the hillside, carved flat into the sloped surrounding ground, accommodating two tents in different areas. The fire pit is located right behind the beach and is well-constructed and of sufficient size. Overall, there are absolutely no complaints about this campsite.

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* Images and information submitted by Anonymous

* Images and information taken August 2022

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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