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Phipps Lake – Campsite #2

There are two campsites on Phipps Lake, however Algonquin Park only issues one permit for the lake. This means that if you’re booked for Phipps Lake, you get to choose between this site and Campsite #1. This campsite sits on top of a large sloped rock, with the fire pit located in an exposed spot close to the water. The tent spots are a little further back and offer a bit more shelter. The site isn’t very accessible in terms of landing/unloading your gear since you’ll need to climb everything to the top of the rock, but as a reward the campsite does offer a nice panoramic view onto Phipps Lake. The elevation of the site and its panoramic views are definitely nice, but I do think that Campsite #1 is the nicer site overall.

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Map of Phipps Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Phipps Lake campsite #2 view of campsite from the water
View from water
Phipps Lake campsite #2 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Phipps Lake campsite #2 interior of campsite
Interior of site
Phipps Lake campsite #2 large tent spot
Tent spot
Phipps Lake campsite #2 view looking out of campsite towards the south
View south
Phipps Lake campsite #2 view out of campsite looking towards the west
View west

* Images and information taken August 2017

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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