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Otterslide Lake – Campsite #9

The eastern island campsite on Otterslide Lake is far away from most of the other campsites on the lake, so it offers a good amount of privacy, relatively speaking. The interior of the site is open and spacious, but the shoreline is rather enclosed and doesn’t offer much opportunity for swimming or sunbathing. But for a small island, it does offer a decent bit of shelter, along with a good amount of seating, a place to hang your food, and a few tent spot options. There’s not much wrong with the site; there might be a few nicer sites on Otterslide Lake, but this island would definitely still be a good choice.

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Map of Otterslide Lake campsites
Map of campsites
Otterslide Lake Campsite #9 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Otterslide Lake Campsite #9 canoe landing
Canoe landing
Otterslide Lake Campsite #9 looking at the interior
Interior of campsite
Otterslide Lake Campsite #9 looking into the interior of the campsite
Interior of campsite

* Images and information taken August 2015

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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