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Misty Lake – Campsite #2

A nice campsite on a small island in the west end of Misty Lake. It’s one of the more popular campsites on the lake due to it being nearby the access from Little Misty, as well as the fact that people generally like camping on islands. It’s in a very high traffic area of the lake though, so the island sees lots of passerby’s throughout the day. The campsite itself has a rocky beach landing with a short incline through the trees to get to the main area of the site. There’s a traditional Algonquin looking fire pit with seating, surrounded by several flat tenting options. You can walk through some short trails to get to the other side of the island which looks out towards the wetlands. The site isn’t spectacular but it’s definitely above average and worth camping on. It offers a beautiful view down the length of Misty and what I would imagine to be a gorgeous view of the sunrise as well. The main downsides are that it’s seen some heavy use and will have lots of canoes passing by during the day.

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Map of Misty Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Fire pit and seating area on island campsite on Misty Lake
Fire pit and seating
Large tenting option on Misty Lake island campsite
Tent spot
Tent spot option on Misty Lake campsite in Algonquin Park
Tent spot
Large tent spot on campsite #2 on Misty Lake
Tent spot
Rocky beach landing of island campsite on Misty Lake
Rocky beach landing
Trail leading into campsite #2 on Misty Lake
Trail into site
View of small island campsite on Misty Lake in Algonquin Park
View of campsite from water

* Images and information taken September 2019

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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