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Linda Lake – Campsite #2

This is the easternmost site on Linda Lake, close to the 875m portage leading into Iris Lake. This is a spectacular campsite with lots to offer. There is a well built fire pit with lots of flat seating that offers a view onto the water while still being sheltered by surrounding trees. There are several tent spot options, all very flat and good sized. There is a long rock pointing southeast to enjoy the sunrise and morning sun, and then a large rock facing west, with views onto the main body of Linda Lake for afternoon sun, swimming, and stargazing opportunities. Overall, the site is spacious on the inside and offers beautiful views, good shelter, and a little bit of everything on most peoples ‘ideal campsite’ list. It’s also only one of three permits issued for Linda Lake, and is not in view from any other campsites, so it offers a good amount of privacy. Its close proximity to the 875m portage also provides a good opportunity for collecting fire wood if there isn’t enough wood surrounding the campsite.

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Map of Linda Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Linda Lake Campsite #2 view of campsite from the water
View from the water
Linda Lake Campsite #2 looking east out of campsite
Looking east out of site
Linda Lake Campsite #2 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Linda Lake Campsite #2 large rock at the front of the campsite
Large rock, front of site
Linda Lake Campsite #2 another tent area
Large tent spot
Linda Lake Campsite #2 flat tent spot
Large tent spot
Linda Lake Campsite #2 large tent spot area
Large tent spot

* Images and information taken September 2018

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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