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Lake Louisa – Campsite #5

For a lake where every campsite seems to have large slabs of open rock by the water for swimming and sunbathing, this site offers a slightly different experience. It’s tucked away on the shore and doesn’t jump out as an overly aesthetic site. The interior is pretty small but it does have a very nice fire pit with plenty of flat seating surrounding it. The fire pit is right at the edge of the site overlooking the water, which makes it a scenic spot to cook and sit by the fire, especially during sunset. It may not be the flashiest site, but it gets the job done and it’s a good option if you’re looking for a bit more shelter.

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Map of Lake Louisa campsites
Map of campsites
View of campsite #5 on Lake Louisa from the water
View from the water
Fire pit and seating area for campsite #5 on Lake Louisa
Fire pit and seating
Awesome fire pit on Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park
Fire pit
Interior of campsite #5 on Lake Louisa in Algonquin
Interior of site
Tent spot on Lake Louisa campsite #5
Tent spot
Tent spot on Lake Louisa campsite in Algonquin Park
Tent spot
Canoe landing for Lake Louisa campsite #5
Canoe landing

* Images and information taken August 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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