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Lake Louisa – Campsite #15

The island campsites on Lake Louisa seem to be a popular choice for many. One of the islands has two campsites, and this is the western of the two. It’s a great site with a large chunk of elevated rock at the front of the site to enjoy the afternoon sun before watching the sunset and stargazing. There’s a rocky ‘driveway’ to park the canoe making it really easy to unload, although you still need to get your gear up the incline into the main site. The interior of the site has a well-built fire pit with one flat bench beside it. There are three good tent spots surrounding the fire pit, one of which is a bit more off to the side and sheltered among the trees. The whole island has an open, spacious feeling that I was very fond of. It’s a short 30-second walk to the other side of the island, with two thunder box outhouses between the two sites. The main drawback of this campsite is that you might need to share a small island with another group, but other than that it’s a really great site.

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Map of Lake Louisa campsites
Map of campsites
View of Lake Louisa campsite #15 from the water
View from the water
Rocky shoreline on Lake Louisa campsite #15
Rocky shoreline
Looking into the campsite on Lake Louisa site #15 in Algonquin
Looking into site
Interior of campsite #15 on Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park
Interior of site
Fire pit and seating area of campsite #15 on Lake Louisa
Fire pit and seating
Green Eureka tent pitched on campsite #15 on Lake Louisa
Tent spot
Tent spot on Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park campsite #15
Tent spot
Tent spot option on campsite #15 on Lake Louisa
Tent spot
Tent spot area on Lake Louisa campsite #15
Tent spot
Rocky canoe landing driveway on campsite #15 on Lake Louisa
Canoe landing

* Images and information taken August 2020

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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