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Lake Louisa – Campsite #12

This campsite is on a point sticking out from the south shoreline of Lake Louisa. It’s a relatively small campsite, but is very cozy and accommodating for a small group. There are two small-medium sized tent spot options right beside the fire pit, sheltered by the surrounding trees. The fire pit doesn’t offer much seating, but it’s right by the water and faces east for a nice sunrise view. There’s a trail that leads to the back of the campsite where there’s more rocky shoreline offering a place to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun/sunset facing west. This campsite really grew on me while camping here, and I wouldn’t hesitate to camp here again in the future.

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Map of Lake Louisa campsites
Map of campsites
Lake Louisa campsite #12 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Lake Louisa campsite #12 tent spot option
Tent spot
Lake Louisa campsite #12 another tent spot
Tent spot
Lake Louisa campsite #12 path to the back of the site
Path through site
Lake Louisa campsite #12 rocky shoreline at the front of the campsite
Rocky shoreline
Lake Louisa campsite #12 rocky shoreline behind campsite
Shoreline behind campsite
Lake Louisa campsite #12 view of campsite from the water
View from water
Lake Louisa campsite #12 interior view of the campsite
Interior of campsite

* Images and information taken July 2016

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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