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David Lake – Campsite #1

This island campsite on David Lake in Algonquin is usually fully booked throughout the summer months… and for good reason. It’s a beautiful little island site on a lake that only issues one permit, meaning you get the lake to yourself. Despite being a tiny island, it’s actually well sheltered on the interior, and quite spacious as well! And when you want to enjoy the sun or the stars, there’s a huge rock on the west side of the island looking out onto the body of David Lake. This rock provides great swimming opportunities as well. The fire pit is also very cool, being built underneath the roots of a large tree. The island also has a few flat tent spot options to choose from, and a good branch to hang your food. There’s also a brand new thunder box; we saw a park ranger on his way to replace it the day after we left (August, 2018). Overall, if you’re able to snag a reservation for David Lake, this island is a great site to call home for a few days.

UPDATE: As of 2021 this campsite has been closed. If you book a permit for David Lake, you will need to camp on Campsite #2. To find out if the campsite has reopened and for up-to-date information, I recommend speaking to Ontario Parks directly.

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Map of David Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
David Lake campsite #1 view of the island from the water, north side
View from water, north side
David Lake campsite #1 view of the island from the water, south side
View from water, south side
David Lake campsite #1 interior of the campsite
Interior of campsite
David Lake campsite #1 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
David Lake campsite #1 flat tent spot areas
Flat tent spots
David Lake campsite #1 food barrel hang
Branch for food hang
David Lake campsite #1 large rock in the water on the north side of the campsite
Large rock, north side of island
David Lake campsite #1 large rock at the west end of the campsite
Large rock, west side of island

* Images and information taken August 2018

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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