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Bonnechere Lake – Campsite #1

The northern campsite in the south end of Bonnechere Lake sits at the tip of a peninsula, facing south. There is a rocky landing on the east side of the peninsula, and a small beach landing on the west side in the narrows. The campsite is big, open, and spacious, with lots of seating around the fire pit. There are several large tent spots to choose from, all sheltered in the trees and on very flat ground. There isn’t too much room to lounge on the rocky shoreline to enjoy sunny weather, but otherwise it’s a really great site that should satisfy all of your needs. I only visited this campsite while travelling, but I wouldn’t hesitate camping here in the future.

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Map of Bonnechere Lake campsites in Algonquin Park
Map of campsites
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 view of the campsite from the water
View from water
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 fire pit and seating area
Fire pit and seating
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 interior of the campsite looking north
Interior, looking north
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 interior of the whole campsite
Interior of site
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 several tent spot options
Several tent spots
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 large tent spot
Large tent spot
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 canoe landing on east side
Landing, east side
Bonnechere Lake campsite #1 canoe landing on the west side of the site
Landing, west side

* Images and information taken September 2017

* Algonquin Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

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